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On Wednesday, August 30th, 2023, the closing conference of the ‘Raising Digital Competence’ project, known as DIGDAKTIKA, took place at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. It brought together numerous lecturers, participants, sponsors, innovators, and distinguished guests from Slovenia and abroad. The conference was a real treat for all those interested in the potential and development of digital technologies.

The conference program was exceptionally diverse, featuring 92 speakers who discussed the latest trends and challenges in education driven by the rapid development of digital technologies.

Nearly 800 attendees gathered at Cankarjev dom, with an additional 12,940 participants joining DIGDAKTIKA remotely. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to educators and teachers who demonstrated practical activities to guide and support learners in enhancing their digital competencies, emphasizing digital literacy, effective communication and collaboration methods, digital content creation, and empowering responsible users and problem solvers.

A notable feature of the conference were the extracurricular Teachmeet sessions held during breaks, along with the challenge involving Chat GPT, adding a unique element to the conference.

Thanks to all the participants who contributed to the program and technical execution, the closing conference of the DIGDAKTIKA project was an outstanding event. With its combined format, numerous attendees, and rich program, it undoubtedly marked the beginning of a new school year and set the stage to become the successor of the legendary SIRikt conference.

The DIGDAKTIKA/DIGDACTICS conference will mark the conclusion of the project Raising Digital Competence, the purpose of which was to promote the development of innovative learning environments that contribute to the raise of digital competence of management and education staff, children, pupils and students.

At the conference with international participation, we will present the results of the project within which we designed, tested and evaluated diverse solutions for the development of digital competence of management and education staff, children, pupils and students. They included various training and education courses, online support environment for the efficient use of digital technologies, digital materials, good practice examples, the creation of learning community and recommendations for the improvement of digital competence.

The conclusion of the DDK project marks the coming to an end of an important period that enabled planned development and contributed to the improvement of digital competence of education staff. Collaboration and co-creation in the project was an important development breakthrough for everybody involved since we prepared together for new challenges education is facing due to digitalisation.

The DIGDAKTIKA/ DIGDACTICS conference aims to encourage all participants to increase their digital competence, to use innovative practice at their work and to support the learners in acquiring and upgrading their digital competences and the sensible use of digital technology.

No participation fee will be charged to DIGDAKTIKA/DIGDACTIC conference participants. In-person as well as virtual participation will be enabled.

The conference duration is 8 hours. Participants will receive participation certificates.


Time and location

The DIGDAKTIKA/DIGDACTIC conference will take place on 30 August 2023 from 9.00 to 16.30 at the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana (


The conference is organised by the National Education Institute Slovenia and ARNES.

Members of the Programme Committee of the conference
  • Marko Bonač, MSc, ARNES
  • Tomi Deutsch, PhD, NEIS (National Education Institute Slovenia)
  • Petra Dermota, NEIS
  • Mojca Dolinar, NEIS
  • Andreja Čuk, Msc, NEIS
  • Vesna Ferk Savec, PhD, Faculty of Education, UL
  • Andrej Flogie, PhD, Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, UM
  • Robert Gajšek, Hruševec Primary School
  • Barbara Gregorič, NEIS
  • Janko Harej, MSc, School Centre Nova Gorica, ARNES
  • Vesna Hrast, NEIS
  • dr. Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski, Educational Research Institute
  • Dušan Klemenčič, NEIS
  • Romana Košutnik, NEIS
  • Vinko Logaj, PhD, NEIS
  • Anita Poberžnik, NEIS
  • Ingrid Možina Podbršček, ARNES
  • Amela Sambolić Beganović, NEIS
  • Sašo Stanojev, MSc, School Centre Kranj
  • Uroš Škof, Brežice Grammar School
  • Bernarda Trstenjak, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • Maja Vičič Krabonja, Secondary School of Economics and Gimnasium Maribor and NEIS
Members of the Organisation Committee of the conference
  • Petra Dermota, NEIS
  • Mojca Dolinar, NEIS
  • Simon Dražič, Šmarje pri Kopru Primary School and NEIS
  • Matija Čufer, ARNES
  • Andreja Čuk, MSc, NEIS
  • Simon Gerdina, Ivan Cankar Primary School, Vrhnika and ARNES
  • Barbara Gregorič, NEIS
  • Janko Harej, MSc, School Centre Nova Gorica, ARNES
  • Vesna Hrast, NEIS
  • Dušan Klemenčič, NEIS
  • Anja Knežević, Gradec Primary School and ARNES
  • Romana Košutnik, ZRSŠ
  • Primož Plevnik, NEIS
  • Anita Poberžnik, NEIS
  • Ingrid Možina Podbršček, ARNES
  • Amela Sambolić Beganović, NEIS
  • Sašo Stanojev, MSc, School Centre Kranj
  • David Vrtin, ARNES



Conference registration will be open from 15 May 2023 until the in-person spaces are filled up. 

Participation fee

There is no participation fee and the conference is open for both, in-person (until the spaces fill up) and virtual participation.

The duration of the conference is 8 hours. The participants will receive participation certificates.

All plenary lectures as well as some sectional lectures and selected good practice examples will be translated into Slovenian or English.

Virtual environment

It will be possible to follow the entire conference in virtual environment.

Application for and acces to virtual environment will be enabled after 15 August 2023.


You will receive a link to watch the event, which will take place via the Confiva platform, after 8/16/2023 to the e-mail address you provided when registering for the event. If you can’t find the message, please check your mailbox in the SPAM,  PROMOTIONS, SOCIAL folders. If you find the message in one of the mentioned folders, please unmark the message as spam. We kindly ask you to check the connection as soon as you receive the invitation. If you cannot find the invitation, please contact technical support at

The link is unique and tied to your e-mail address. Viewing is protected and you can only watch the event on one device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) at the same time.

If you share the link with others, you will not be able to follow the event yourself.

If you will watch the event in pairs or in a group, the presence is recorded only for the person who is registered in the virtual environment.

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to access the Confiva platform. The platform also supports the use of other browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer.


For all additional enquiries, please contact us via e-mail at the address

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